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Bellerby and Co.

Bellerby and Co.

Traditional globemakers

Bellerby and Co. Globemakers, a small business in a leafy borough in North East London, is keeping the tradition of bespoke globemaking alive.

Peter Bellerby wanted to buy a globe as a present for his father’s 80th birthday, but found there were only expensive antiques or reproductions available. After two years of trying to create the perfect globe to make a gift to his father, Peter Bellerby turned this newfound passion into an artisan business. From his warehouse studio, his team handles woodworking, engraving the meridians and applying watercolored papers – with no ripples or overlaps – to the globes by hand in painstaking fashion. Small globes can take a month, and the largest can require six to eight months to complete.

“Globes inspire people to travel, to learn about the planet, and provide geographical knowledge about how the world was at the time it was produced,” says Peter’s fiancée Jade, who decided to document the daily life of the studio on Instagram. “I love Instagram as I feel you can sum up the best part of the day in one or two photos and skip all the less interesting things in between.”


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