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How do you define a creative act? How do you put yourself in a creative state of mind? How not to get caught into comfort and everyday life? Easier, more seductive is the dark side!

A magazine like Walter speaks to a great number of creative minds around the world, this volume’s funding underlines this fact. Volume 1 was almost “easy” to do because I had imagined it years ago… But how would I do as well if it isn’t better in this volume? More subjects, shorter articles and even more pictures. And above all, trying to distinguish the 3 elements that define Walter’s essence: inspiration, creation and emotion…

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    JR owns the biggest art gallery in the world. And his life is like no other: when he isn’t working on his collages on top of a New York or Parisian building, he’s working with Robert de Niro, he’s in a studio with U2, he’s creating a poster with David Lynch or having lunch with George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. Following him on Instagram allows you to share a piece of his incredible routine!...

  • Sideshow Sign Co. : Modern custom sign-making

    Sideshow Sign Co. is a team of designers and fabricators specializing in traditional & modern custom sign-making based in Nashville, TN....

  • Wood, CONCRETE & posters

    Parliament is a studio located in Portland, Oregon, A TOWN WHICH has a strong culture of design and innovation. Lincoln Barbour invite us to take a look around!...

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