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Joseph Alessio

Joseph Alessio

Joseph is a typographic illustrator, letter-lover, word-whisperer, compelling communicator, content creator. He makes meaningful messages, fuses words and images to create a fresh form of communication. “TypeLimited” is one of his art projects. It explores relationships between objects, letterforms and occasionally music.

TypeLimited 001
Claude Debussy

This piece is a physical interpretation of a short composition by Claude Debussy — La fille aux cheveux de lin — written in 1909-1910, and of a quote on music, dubiously attributed to Plato since the late 19th century.

Claude Debussy was a French Impressionist composer, living from 1862 through 1918. His compositions frequently used unusual modes or were harbingers of the atonal movement and the Second Viennese School. This piece in particular, however — La fille aux cheveux de lin —is very lyrical and tonal in nature, and gets its title from a relatively contemporary poem. Originally composed for piano, it has been transcribed for a variety of other instruments including violin and piano or violin with orchestra.


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