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Light my way

Light my way

The light bulb is the metaphorical image of an amazing and spontaneous idea.
Remember, each time Wile E. Coyote has a stroke of genius
to catch Road Runner he has a beautiful light bulb on top of his head.
It is surely what happened when Matthias Niedermann had the idea to create his brand, Edisson.

The idea to sell filament lightbulbs and pendant lamps came in mind when Matthias was searching for a stage decoration for a local folk band. He had a hard time finding beautiful lighting solutions which had the needed warm and vintage effect  he wanted.

A small company in Switzerland is still producing amazing lightbulbs for decorative purposes. He contacted them and started to sell their products.

Back in 2012 he started an online shop with just a few bulbs. A bit later on he did some designs of a few pendant lamps with just a socket an a textile cable. As time went by some more designs followed including string-lights, table lamps and some textiles.

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