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Sideshow Sign Co.

Sideshow Sign Co.

Sideshow Sign Co. is a team of designers and fabricators specializing in traditional & modern custom sign-making based in Nashville, TN.

Signage is one of the earliest forms of Communication Design. In the past several decades however, designers and sign-makers have often regarded themselves as separate industries, divided by class, application, and a misunderstanding of just how important their relationship is. It’s Sideshow’s opinion that these two worlds need to be in equal collaboration in order for signage to be the best it can be, to be what it is intended to be: an effective reflection of the hard work and sophistication that goes into the businesses that it is promoting.

Sideshow Sign Co. works passionately to reintroduce the partnership of high-end design and traditional fabrication to the sign industry. Its creations are made with a process that focuses on craftsmanship and attention-to-detail rather than mass-production.  It is Sideshow’s dream that, sign-by-sign, streetscapes once again become distinctive and that the hard work involved in building a business is reflected in it’s signage, and more importantly, that the signage becomes an element of beauty.


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